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Skardu Overview

Skardu, capital of Baltistan is roosted 2,438 meters above ocean level in the setting of the incredible pinnacles of the Karakorams. Balti individuals are a combination of Tibetan and Caucasian stock and speak Balti, an antiquated type of Tibetan. Because of the closeness of its way of life, way of life and engineering with Tibet, Baltistan is otherwise called the “Tibet-e-Khurd” (Little Tibet).

It verges on the Chinese area of Xinjiang and Indian Kashmir. The traveler season is from April to October. The most extreme temperature is 27 C and least (October) 8 C. Aside from its exceptional group of mountain pinnacles and ice sheets Baltistan’s five valleys, – Shigar, Skardu, Khaplu, Rondu and Kharmang are noted for their tasty peaches, apricots, apples and pears.

Via air

Pakistan International Airlines flies day by day from Islamabad. Be that as it may, since the pilots fly on simple sight (no PC route), the flight just goes on sunny mornings. During the flight it’s conceivable to get a brief look at Nanga Parbat (the ninth most noteworthy mountain on the planet) and K2 (the second most elevated mountain in the world.The air venture is loaded with thrills and could itself be viewed as the feature of the visit. Subsequent to following a similar air course, which interfaces Gilgit to Islamabad/Rawalpindi, the plane turns right and flies over the canyon of the Indus River.

By street

Skardu can be reached by transport from Islamabad. The drive takes you right over the KKH (Karakoram Highway).

Since the KKH is as yet under development and the Skardu street actually must be fixed, the street can take min 36 hours by open vehicle

It’s likewise conceivable to get to Skardu from Gilgit. Despite the fact that it’s under 200km the excursion will take you near 8 hours (by open transportation.


Skardu downtown area Be mindful that the fundamental street and nearby streets are the “Purdah Bazaar”, you won’t perceive any lady aside from unfamiliar ladies. Dress unassumingly and be set up to everybody gazing at you.

K2 Museum situated close to K2 Motel, shows pictures

Sand hills On the opposite side of the Indus, noteworthy sand ridges are obvious. Recruit a taxi to arrive. It is headed to Shigar valley, however around 2 km away from the street.

Kharpocho Fort: Skardu has an old Fort known as Kharpocho Fort (King of Forts) arranged on a slope sitting above the town. It was developed by Ali Sher Khan Anchan, who administered over Baltistan till the finish of the sixteenth century. The powerful Indus winding along only a couple yards underneath your feet among the shiny white sands is an amazing sight. Extra charge for outsiders is 200 Rs (02/2015)

Satpara Lake About 8 km (5miles) north of Skardu and 20 minutes by jeep lays Sadpara Lake, encircled by frigid mountains, which are reflected in its perfectly clear waters. The lake has a fantasy island in the center, which can be reached by nation boats that one can push. This lake additionally has large amounts of fish and is viewed as ideal for fishing.

Shangrila Lake About 32 km (20 miles) from Skardu and 2 hours by jeep lies the sparkling tranquil profound Shangrila lake additionally called Kachura Lake, overflowing with earthy colored trout. During spring numerous outlandish and beautiful blossoms decorate its banks, while peach, apricot and apple trees are weighed down with blooms in April. Later in the late spring one can taste the apples, which are an especially tasty assortment. Likewise observe Shangrila resort.

Shigar Valley: The doorway to the extraordinary mountain pinnacles of the Karakorams, Gasherbrum and K-2, is just 23 km away from Skardu through jeep street. Shigar valley’s delicate, flooded inclines are loaded up with patios of wheat, maize and grain. Its plantations of apricots, mulberries, peaches, plums, pears, apples and nuts are exceptional to Baltistan. The wooden mosque in the town was worked by Kashmiri craftsmen a few hundred years prior.

Shigar Fort

Khaplu Valley: This delightful valley of the Shyok River is 103 km east of Skardu. Khaplu is the beginning stage for most traveling and climbing endeavors. Numerous acclaimed mountains, for example, Masherbrum, Saltoro, Sia Kangri, K-6, K-7 are situated here. Chaqchan Mosque is probably the soonest mosque in Baltistan (1504 AD), ascribed to Syed Ali Hamdani. There is a Palace of Raja of Khaplu and stays of Thors

Narsok town, here you will locate a huge unadulterated spring moving from the base of the stone monument.

First Organic town is one of its sort town where ranchers produce leafy foods with no pesticide or synthetic compounds.

Manthokha Waterfall, is a 180 feet high cascade in the foundation of lavish green fields, crisp murmuring streams transcending rough mountains only 78 kilometers (48 mi) away from downtown Skardu. It’s likewise acclaimed for the fishing of Trout Fish.

Buddha Rock Carvings: Dating back to eighth century AD, a tremendous Buddha figure encompassed by little Buddhisatvas is cut on a stone, three kilometers from Skardu across Sadpara Nullah on Skardu-Sadpara Road. Pre-notable men and creature figures are cut on rocks along Kachura Lake. Some stone carvings and outline of a religious community close to Perkuta (Mehdi Abad) Nalah are additionally found.

Skardu Freezes as Temperature Touches -21 Celsius

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