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Ghizer District

Ghizer District is the westernmost piece of the Gilgit-Baltistan area of Pakistan. Its capital is Gahkuch. Ghizer is intersection among Gilgit and Chitral and furthermore to China, Tajikistan by means of Qurumber go through Ishkomen/Darkut Yasin (which are associated by means of Shandur Pass). Ghizer is a multi-ethnic area and three noteworthy dialects are spoken; shina, khowar and Burushaski. There are additionally Wakhi speakers in Ishkoman and a few Tajiks.

the world Ghizer came structure the name “Gherz” which signifies “outcasts” in Khowar. “Gherz” is a town in Golaghmuli Valley, which is presently known as Golaghmuli. At whatever point the Chitral in the Suzerainty of the British Raj did constrained a few people to relocate towards Gupis. They were settled in the region among Chitral and Gupis and the territory called Gherz and the individuals were called Gherzic. At the point when Zulafiqar Ali Bhutto the President of Pakistan nullified the FCR framework and had given another managerial region involving the Tehsils (Political areas) the name Ghizer was given and concurred consistently.

Ghizer District includes Punial, Yaseen and Ishkoman Valleys. Te significant part of its territory was administered over by Brooshay Raja’s, for example, Raja Sha Burush, Khan bahadur Issa bahadur AKBER Khan, RAJA Anwar Khan, Raja Mirbaz Khan and last Broosh families Raja Jan Alam and Raja Muzafer (was living in Golodass otherwise called Anwerabad as its subsequent name). Presently living Raja families in District have no managerial offer yet going about as a main job in the advancement of society. Their linage returns to Sha Burush. The Sha Burush Sha Katur and Sha Khushwaqt are three siblings. The Punial is well known of the polo match-up from the provincial history. Truly these Rajas were the best polo players and had a polo crew of goliaths. Verifiably two fundamental normal for the dress of the people of the Ghizer is Khoi and Shokah. Khoi which is the headgear, comprise of natively constructed woolen materials and Shokah is hand crafted woolen shroud coming to lower leg with long sleeves.


Region Ghizer is Northmost piece of the Northern Areas and thus the outrageous north of the nation. It gets together with Wakhan strip on its north-west, and China on its northern outskirts. On its west, there is Chitral District of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa; and on its east is arranged Gilgit. Diamer District is on its south, which is again a piece of the Northern regions. Gakuch is the capital of the Ghizer District. Gupis has been filling in as an intersection among yasin and phander valley. It is the focal spot from all valleys like phandar, yasin. poniyal and so on. The valley is situated between the world most prominent mountain ranges for example hindukush and karakarum.

The most astounding top in Ghizer District is Koyo Zom (6,871 m) (Hindu Kush Range) which lies on the limit of Ghizer District and Chitral.

A portion of the primary places in the region are Koh-I-Ghizer, Golaghmuli Valley, Ishkoman and Yasin valleys. Different spots incorporate Gupis, Chatorkhand, Imit and Utz.


A portion of the goes in the locale are:

Shandur Pass (Punji-Lusht Plain between the limit of Ghizer and Chitral District).

Qurumbar Pass, Chillingi Pass.

Hayal Pass and Naltar Pass (on the limit of Ghizer and Gilgit Districts).

Bichhar Pass (on the limit of Ghizer and Gilgit Districts).

Thoi Pass (on the limit of Ghizer and Chitral Yarkhon).

Darkut Pass (on the limit of Ghizer and Chitral).


The fundamental waterway in the locale is Ghizer River, which is contains Gupis River and Ishkoman River; the two meets at Hatoon valley at Hayim as the purpose of conjunction. Different tributaries incorporate Qurumbar River, Phakora River, Hayal River, Singul River and Yasin River additionally join the standard at various focuses.


Handarap Lake

Phander Lake in Tehsil Phander

Khalti Lake

Karambar Lake

Baha Lake (Langar Khukush)

Shandur Lake

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