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RAFTING The wild and thundering streams and waterways of the Northern Pakistan have incredible potential for white and wild water sports. The rapids of these streams and waterways give a definitive experience and rush in mountain water sports and loan themselves to paddling, Kayaking and white water rafting.Rafting in northern Pakistan energizes the creative mind. Here the mountains are one of the most tough and confined spot on earth. The Swat waterway, Gilgit stream, Hunza waterway, Kunar waterway, Neelam stream, Chitral stream and Indus waterway. All give fantastic stretches to white water paddling and kayaking. The Indus River from Jaglot northwards till its source is esteemed unfit for boating (except if you need your grave in the Indus River bed). The Indus River is a dark seething stream upto Jaglot and nobody can even swim it. The best choices for boating are from Aliabad (Hunza) till Gilgit on the Gilgit stream or on the Gilgit River close Phander.


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Activity type : Daily Activity
Duration : 1 Day
Maximum number of people : 1
Cancellation : Cancellation within 2 Day(s) before the date of arrival 15% will be charged.
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