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Travel Tips for Visit Pakistan Tour Planning This has been seen that numerous explorers asked about visit couple of days before the event date, so this is recommendable to plan and book your visit at any rate fourteen days earlier takeoff date and two months before for worldwide visit. Packing In the event that you […]

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Passu Glacier

Passu Cones

Passu is a little town situated in the Gilgit Baltistan district of northern Pakistan. Arranged along the Karakoram Highway in Upper Hunza, Passu Cones is a well known traveler goal in view of its effectively available clearing scenes, and vistas of the 7,478 m (24,534 ft) tall Passu Sar mountain, the Passu Glacier & passu […]

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Kundol Lake

Kundol Lake otherwise called Kundol Dand, is a lake in Swat Valley, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan, which is situated in the north of Utror valley a good ways off of 20.8 kilometers (12.9 mi) away from Kalam. Also, there is a notable anecdote about the lake which is that consistently in a month, a brilliant bowl […]

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Gilgit Jutial Nala

the Gilgit Jutial Nala, as most valleys in the Gilgit Baltistan Jutial Nala, has an exceptionally thin mouth, yet a six-kilometer stroll along the stream through the precarious side canyon takes you to coniferous timberland and pastureland. Visitors can follow the water system channel behind the lodging to one side bluff face, and bring the [...]
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Astore Valley Tour

Astore Valley Tour is one of the ten regions of Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan. The locale contains the Astore Valley and is limited toward the west by Diamer District, toward the north by Gilgit District, toward the east by Skardu District and toward the south by Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa and Neelum District of Azad Kashmir. Tour to Swat Kalam [...]
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Health Benefits of Anjeer – Figs

Health Benefits of Anjeer - Figs, Ficus carica is an Asian types of blooming plant in the mulberry family, known as the normal fig. It is the wellspring of the natural product likewise called the fig and as such is a significant harvest in those territories where it is developed monetarily.
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